Socialworkup is designed

Socialworkup aims to support your mental health every step of the way. If you’re ready for therapy, socialworkup Therapy offers you teletherapy sessions with Jasmine Chandy, a licensed therapist and clinical social worker from Chicago, IL. If you’re not ready for therapy but want to learn more about how the mind works, you can explore the blog and social media pages for regular content and activities. If you’ve been in therapy and want to keep the healing momentum going, socialworkup offers you a community of other individuals seeking to continually learn more about their mental health, too. 

Making mental health tools approachable and accessible

To meet you where you are 


Jasmine is a therapist and clinical social worker based in Chicago, IL. She has served hundreds of clients in tending to their psychosocial needs over the past 6 years. Jasmine has worked within nonprofit grief organizations, medical settings, and therapy platforms. She has also presented lectures at the state and national levels to increase education around mental health. Jasmine aims to meet people where they are in their journey and partner with them to reach their goals. Her primary focus is on teens and adults experiencing anxiety, depression, OCD, or grief. 

Jasmine Chandy, MSW, LCSW 

Meet the Therapist 

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5 Facts About Jasmine

Behind the Professional

Cooking and long outdoor walks


Cozy outfit, warm drink, and learning all about mental health 

ideal day off

Long drives with music, connecting with a childhood family/friend, or a good workout at Shred415 

go-to coping skill

“It’s not how much you do but how much love you put in the doing.”

favorite quote

Why socialworkup?

A workup is done in healthcare to gather the medical information necessary to create a treatment plan. The name socialworkup reclaims the importance of honoring our psychological and social pieces, too. These elements contribute to overall health and longevity and are just as essential. Tending to your mental wellness is simply taking care of yourself.

The story behind the name


Social work aims to enhance well-being and uses a social justice lens to meet the basic needs of all people. As a clinical social worker, I hope to play my role in elevating the profession by making trustworthy mental health education and activities tangible and accessible for all. 


A clinical social worker will help you to empower yourself by respecting your own process and readiness. While helping you strengthen your personal relationships, the therapist-client relationship in therapy is designed to serve as a part of your healing, too. 

The relationship is viewed as a partnership 

What makes a clinical social worker a good therapist? 

Social workers pursue social change efforts by promoting the connection to the needs of all, especially those who have limited access. In therapy, there is an additional layer that ensures you will have access to the information, services, and resources you need. 

A social justice lens is continually applied 

There are systems that play a role in our lives on different levels - personal, family, community, and society. With knowledge of the interplay of these systems, we have the ability to examine issues and explore solutions from multiple angles.

View challenges and solutions on multiple levels 

Every individual has a unique combination of their upbringing, experiences, and cultural and ethnic diversity that makes them who they are. Social workers hold ethical standards to respect the dignity and worth of every individual, ensuring you will be supported and valued for exactly who you are.

Respecting what makes you - you